How ContractZen Helps Businesses Save Time & Money

Today’s businesses are constantly in a highly competitive environment, and to survive, companies must willingly use professional software. They are useful in increasing a company’s efficiency and overall productivity, saving it time and money. For example, many organizations use ContractZen because it will increase their ROI and reach a new level in the international and local markets. Following their name, the program simplifies transaction management by offering a simple solution with a set of useful features at the management and security levels.

What is ContractZen?

ContractZen is a one-stop cloud service for managing contracts, boards of directors, electronic signatures, and virtual data rooms. Thanks to this service, you will soon be able to note that your corporate costs and time costs will decrease noticeably. The program allows you to optimize your organization and provides a secure database for storing corporate documents. The solution is flexible enough to be used on all devices and in any browser, and the platform is metadata-based. ContactZen complies with the best security standards, such as:

  • ISO 27001
  • FedRAMP and others

In addition, the virtual data room capabilities make it much easier to exchange data.

ContractZen provides features such as:

  • Save and quickly search for contracts
  • Automatic reminders
  • Visualized organizational structure with ownership schema and signing rights
  • Automatic organization of files and flexible management of access rights during due diligence

What are the benefits of ContractZen that can help your business?

Below we’ll highlight the main features of ContractZen and identify the benefits they can bring to your business:

  • Advanced document security

With ContractZen, you can cross-document transfer issues off your list of reasons you can’t sleep at night. With flexible sharing features, you can easily grant access to other users during tax and due diligence audits, negotiations, and so on. In addition, the platform can assure you that confidential data won’t fall into the wrong hands. The program is equipped with advanced security technology that meets international security standards SOK1, SOK 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, and others. ContractZen can also securely store data in its space.

  • Electronic Signature

With ContractZen, you can easily sign any files, minutes, notes, and contracts wherever you are. This greatly speeds up all your processes and reduces the company’s corporate costs for printing and delivering documents.

  • Functional document management based on metadata

With this feature, interacting with documents becomes as comfortable as possible. You have several data rooms at your fingertips, in which you will store files of different categories. Regardless of your device, you can easily open and retrieve a document and perform editing and other actions on it, as long as you have permission. When you’re running a business, many important details slip your mind, which can later delay the transaction process. To avoid missing contract extensions, ContractZen will provide you with automatic reminders. In addition, the program offers features that streamline the due diligence process, such as control logs, permission management, advanced filtering with multiple search types, a document timeline, and more.

  • Intuitive interface

Every business person will appreciate the simplicity of the software because they usually don’t have time to understand the platform’s display in detail. In addition, ContractZen provides a drag-and-drop feature that greatly simplifies all processes within the forum: uploading documents, creating color backgrounds and themes, and more.

  • Company Registration

This feature can easily manage your company’s complex structures as it handles and organizes all the supporting information.

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